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Nutec Fibre Cement shapes with waterjet cutting

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Waterjet cutting is widely known for its ability to cut virtually any material to near net shape. When it comes to Nutec fibre-cement manufactured by Everite Building Products, Waterjet cutting is precise and accurate and retains the quality and inherent strength of Nutec.

Nutec Fibre Cement boards are used in a variety of applications ranging from internal and external ceilings, wall cladding and fascia boards to a variety of purpose designed façade applications. When greater aesthetic and functional solutions are sought, waterjet cutting intricate shapes and designs to the Nutec board provides a new dimension to application possibilities.

Design and installation considerations:

Virtually any type of pattern can be replicated with waterjet cutting of Nutec fibre-cement products. As each is made to order, it is recommended to consult Everite during the design stage. Important considerations will be the nature of the pattern or design; how the finished product will be installed – framed or frameless (self-supporting), fixing points and quantity.

Application possibilities:

Application possibilities are limitless, from simple lattice designs to trendy façade solar screens, Nutec fibre-cement products provide the ideal substrate when functional and aesthetic criteria need to be met.

Sunscreen / privacy screen waterjet cut pattern to Nutec fibre-cement - a striking façade to this upmarket home. Design by: Studious Architects, Centurion

Student residence accommodation featuring shaped waterjet cut Nutec Ceilings to passages.

Nutec waterjet cut slatted duct covers to ventilation and service shaft.


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