Flat Sheets & Facades


Nutec Flat Sheets are an economical, multi-purpose building board that can be used in diverse exterior and interior applications, ranging from cladding, eaves linings and fascias to ceilings, partitioning, panelling and suspended flooring.

Nutec High-Density and Medium Density flat sheets provide considerable scope for design flexibility and creative expression. Used as a flat vertical surface, Nutec Flat Sheets are produced in a smooth or textured finish. They are supplied in a neutral colour that can accept a wide variety of coatings and paints to suit the palette of any application.

The range includes Nutec Tongue & Groove that is available in a plain or realistic wood grain finish and is suitable for use in a variety of applications, both interior and exterior. Supplied in a natural colour and, as it is compatible with a variety of paints, the timber-like finish can be enhanced with wood stain varnishes or paint techniques.



Building Planks


Nutec Building Plank (popularly known as Vermont) provides an out of the ordinary solution for external and internal cladding. Usually installed in a ship lapped pattern, it is available in a plain and textured finish that gives the realistic look and feel of timber. Application possibilities range from facades for upmarket complexes to the external skin of timber-framed dwellings. Nutec Building Plank is ideally suited for upgrading facades or adding a striking look to new developments. They offer the perfect solution to add-on construction in the form of extra rooms or loft rooms, and are an economical alternative to brick and plaster gable walls on houses.



Tongue & Groove


Nutec Tongue and Groove Textured and Plain boards are medium density. These sheets are supplied in the
natural grey and can be varnished with wood stain to simulate timber. Textured sheets can also be painted
in various techniques to achieve a pleasant aesthetic finish. These boards are ideal for ceilings, internal and
external wall panelling, door panelling and garden sheds.
Tongue and Groove Plain boards provide a classic smooth Tongue and Groove finish.
Fixing and


Window Sills


Nutec Windowsills are ideal for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Available in lengths to suit standard steel window frames and widths for standard wall thicknesses, Nutec Windowsills can be cut to suit non-standard steel, wood and aluminium window frames. Supplied with a smooth finish in their natural colour, Nutec Windowsills do not require any surface treatment for protection. However, a clear wax polish can be applied to enrich the natural colour, or they can be painted on site with any Acrylic PVA water based paint without pre-treatment.



Building Columns


Nutec Building Columns are used in many and varied applications. Due to the inherent properties of Nutec, the columns are strong, durable and can be used as a permanent shuttering for reinforced concrete.

Contemporary trends in architecture show that columns are being used internally and externally for functional and aesthetic considerations. Due to their strength and durability the applications of Nutec Building Columns range from simple supports for carports and garden pergolas to sophisticated aesthetically pleasing entrance façade features.

In many coastal areas, constraints such as sand dunes, vegetation and steep terrains make the use of conventional strip foundations costly and time consuming. Nutec Building Columns placed on concrete bases and filled with reinforced concrete, used to support the elevated main structure, will avoid massive foundation work and back filling which would otherwise be required.