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Brandered Ceilings


The application of Nutec Ceiling Boards goes beyond the regular flat look. Raking or cathedral style ceilings installed between roof rafters creates a luxurious and spacious look to any room at an affordable price. Nutec Ceiling Boards are available in a plain or textured timber-grain like finish that simulates the look of real timber.

Nutec plain and textured ceiling boards are extensively used as nail-up ceilings and as an all-purpose building board for other interior and exterior applications. Not only are these products ideal for general use indoors, but because these products are not affected by moisture and are therefore ideal for use in damp areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and verandas, as well as for under eaves linings.


Ceiling Insulation


Nutec Ceiling Insulation range exhibits low thermal conductivity - a measure of a material’s ability to conduct / transfer heat (K-value).  Low thermal conductivity is ideal when reduced heat build-up in summer and heat loss in winter is required.  Everite Ceiling Insulation K-Value is influenced by the density and thickness of the product.  Generally the thicker and more dense the product the better resistance it will have to temperature and sound transmission.


Nutec Ceiling Insulation range in its finished form comprises many pockets of cell like fibre structures which contain air.  The material's ability to resist the flow of heat through it (R-Value) is also attributed to stable (dense) non-moving entrapped air.  Air is recognised as a poor conductor and presents a perfect insulation barrier.  The higher the R-value the better the material's ability to resist the flow of heat.

Ceiling Insulation




Nucornice is a paper covered polystyrene core cove cornice. It is designed for use as a decorative fixing cornice at the angle where wall and ceiling meet.
Nucornice is lightweight, durable, easy to handle and suitable for all dwellings.

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