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Nutec's Volcanic Wool Insulation is heating up the market

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

In order for any habitable space to function properly, there would need to be a few controls in place to maintain a consistent environment. Simply put, we need to control the temperature within a space in order for us to feel comfortable in whatever activity we find ourselves in.

Commonly, we have relied heavily on mechanized means of control, such as heaters and air-cooled conditioners, however most of us are now aware of the huge amounts of strain these devices place on our energy grid.

The answer in short, is controlling indoor temperature by means of “passive control”.

Insulation products manifest in a variety of materials and in South Africa, most commonly in the form of polyester or glass/mineral wool. Although not new to the global market, stone or “rock” wool is now the newest addition to Everite’s portfolio of building materials. “Nutec Volcanic Wool” is the trade-name building merchants and specifiyers will come to know of this latest entry into the market.

Nutec Volcanic Wool Insulation

Made from 100% locally sourced rock, Dolorite & Dolomite, Nutec Volcanic Wool Insulation is one of few building materials able to take heat in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius. As a result, it can be applied to far more applications than the standard polyester and mineral glass wool variants, thus creating comfort in both temperature, as well as peace of mind!

So why the need to include an additional insulation material into Everite's already successful insulation range? Everite felt that only catering for certain insulation applications with its polyester range prevented it from being a bigger participant in the specification market. Now Everite is able to cover both the Class A1 and Class B1 segments collectively – a total offering for the building industry.

It also has very high acoustic properties which is certainly another element we would want to control to ensure a comfortable habitable space.

Everite has positioned three specific thicknesses in the Nutec Volcanic Wool segment, namely 75mm, 100mm and 135mm products. This range of insulation will soon be available at all reputable building merchants.

For more information on this product, please make contact with Brendan Lowen "Head of Business Development" at Everite.

Nutec Volcanic Wool Insulation


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