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Insulation that originates from Lava?

With a trade name that includes the word Volcanic, you may think that we are sensationalizing the branding just a little? Far from that as we discover further…

Often the most critical components of any manufactured product come down to the quality of raw materials used. With Nutec Volcanic Wool Insulation, the raw materials come straight out of the earth, quite literally. Dolerite and Dolomite are stones that are native to South Africa which means the main two raw materials used in this product are 100% locally sourced.

A combination of technologically advanced machinery is utilized in order to replicate the natural process of a Volcano. The process starts by loading the stones in a furnace with temperatures in excess of 1400degC, these stones melt with the heat and form a molten lava.

This lava then gets radically transformed throughout our process into a fully formed blanket of insulation. Where possible, the heat generated from the furnaces are reclaimed and utilized to manage heat exchange within the factory itself.

Manufacturing process of Nutec Volcanic Wool

The Nutec Volcanic Wool blankets are the manifestation of this manufactured process and are packaged in a vivid red, so as to be easily identifiable in a retail or construction site environment.

“What stood out most when we were considering an A1 insulation material was the availability of locally sourced raw materials”, says Brendan Lowen - Head of Business Development at Everite. We are au-faix with importing materials where absolutely necessary, but manufactured products with locally sourced raw materials provides multiple benefits within the supply chain of any successful product, says Brendan.

“With a business as mature as ours in years, we enjoy a solid relationship with the retail sector, so the adoption of this complimentary offering to the market makes both logistic and economic sense”, says Craig Cronje - Sales & Marketing Director at Everite.

Suffice to say that this new offering will certainly be visible with its unique packaging as well as its unique characteristics, which allows it to be used in applications not commonly associated with current insulation materials in South Africa.

For further information, make contact with an Everite office in your respective region, or contact the head office at 011 439 4400 and ask for Sales.


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